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Payment Policy

Payment may be made privately, or, if eligible, an insurance policy may cover a part of the fee (see details below). At the end of each appointment, clients receive payment instructions by text. Payment is then due at that time using a Client Payment Portal. Payment by other means may result in additional fees.

  • Paying Privately
    • Initial Appointments are $210. This fee applies also to existing clients returning more than six months since their last appointment.
    • Follow up Appointments are $190.
    • Business Consultations are $240.
    • Intensive Services, if recommended and when available, require a separate, private payment agreement. For more information about the Intensive, see Services.

Clients paying privately may skip to the bottom of this page.

  • Using an Insurance policy
    • Clients who live in Texas, with coverage and benefits through Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tricare or Aetna may be eligible to have a portion of their fee paid for by their policy. (Other insurance carriers, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and Meritain are not accepted.)
    • Having an insurance policy is not a guarantee of payment. 
    • Insurance policies do not provide coverage for marriage counseling. If Marney is in your network, he can file a claim for Individual Counseling only, and only on a PRIMARY policy.
    • Clients wanting to use their insurance benefits should contact their insurance company directly to verify eligibility and benefits for Individual Counseling, confirm Marney’s network participation and ask about their deductible and estimated out of pocket expense for each appointment.
    • Clients assign third-party benefits to Marney DeFoore, LCSW-S.
    • Finally, if an insurance claim is denied or reclaimed, if a policy or benefit is secondary or out of network, if the client becomes ineligible for benefits or if the policy lapses or expires prior to the date of service, the client is then responsible for the Private Payment amount for that date(s) of service.

effective 10/13/2022

I have read, understand and agree with the Payment Policy